You cannot go wrong with a gift card. Select a value, personalize it with your message and email to a friend or loved one immediately. It is the perfect present for any special occasion!

Gift cards can only be redeemed online in OLYAARTSTUDIO.IE
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Terms and Conditions for using the eGIFT CARD:

1. eGIFT CARD’s are non-refundable and cannot be replaced in the event of loss, theft or damage. Learn more about eGIFT CARD’s below.
2. eGIFT CARD’s are not a cheque guarantee, credit or debit card. They may not be exchanged for cash or vouchers
3. After payment, you will receive a message with the eGIFT CARD and confirmation of payment to your e-mail.
4. You can send this eGIFT CARD to your friend/loved one or use it yourself.
5. The eGIFT CARD is only redeemable on WWW.OLYAARTSTUDIO.IE
6. Each eGIFT card is valid for one (1) year from date of purchase
7. The eGIFT CARD can be used to purchase goods from the Gallery and Prints section, for all original works and printed items using the promo code attached to your eGIFT CARD. One promo code can be applied once only to a single checkout basket. (Therefore, it is essential that the basket of goods contains the amount of your eGIFT CARD at a minimum or more)
8. If you want to make a personal order for a painting, you can also use the eGIFT CARD, for this, please contact Olga Byrne to discuss all the details at
9. If you want to purchase video lessons, please send us a list of tutorials and your promo code to and we will send all the links and files to your e-mail.
10. If you want to combine your order from different sections (Gallery, Prints, Tutorials), please write a list of goods and videolessons that you would like to receive, your address, your promo code to and we shall send all directly to you.