For all levels from beginner to advanced. Please, join OLYA ART STUDIO as Olga demonstrates painting, techniques and guides you online step-by-step.
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Discover & develop your art skills together with Olga Byrne
  • How to choose materials, sketching and mixing colours, preparation and completion, all you need to know to develop your art skills.
  • In simple steps, we will explore the techniques that will unlock the secrets to drawing with confidence.
  • All lessons will be with you forever and you may learn and paint when you wish at your own pace.
  • Each tutorial includes a down load pack with line drawing and reference image to help you get started.
  • Just adjust the video play back speed to clearly see every detail of the tutorial.
  • Join Olga in her studio as she explains her techniques in a relaxed and friendly style.
  • After each lesson you will have your own masterpiece and knowledge which will be with you forever.
Let yourself relax with pleasure and enjoy!

Tutorial for all skill levels of ability

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"White peonies. Delicate watercolour with gold leaf»
In this tutorial, we will paint with you a delicate and transparent watercolor A3 size. When I close my eyes, I imagine my grandmother’s garden, peonies always bloomed in July. The aroma of these airy white flowers is special to me. Do you love peonies? In this artwork, we will use gold leaf to give a more modern and decorative look to the picture, but this is not at all necessary, the frame can be drawn with paints or even ink. If you are ready to try light watercolour, try wet in wet techniques, fusing subtle shades of colour into the painting, detail the succulent stamens of flowers, then let’s get started! Happy painting, wishing you peace and sunshine. Olga x
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